We design and implement systemic models of communication with stakeholders.

We carry out the process of mapping stakeholders and conducting a dialogue with them  in accordance with the guidelines of essential CSR standards. We support our Clients in processes of getting to know, analysing and prioritizing stakeholders’ expectations towards them as responsible organisations.

We implement practices that allow companies and institutions to meet the new requirements of the updated ISO9001:2015 standard in the area of management of stakeholders.

We prepare and moderate numerous dialogue sessions and stakeholders’ panel discussions based on AA1000 international standards of dialogue with stakeholders. We have, e.g., carried out the first process of dialogue with stakeholders in Poland in the financial trade.

We specialise in extensive research of stakeholders’ perception. Our Clients use their results, e.g., at the stage of formulating and revising their strategic objectives, in educating and motivating employees and managers to implement CSR in their competence areas, and also in designing and selecting the contents of CSR reports of.

Nasze doświadczenia obejmują:

  • Stakeholders’ mapping
  • Methods of management of stakeholders
  • Risk assessment in connection with stakeholders
  • Formulation of aims in connection with stakeholders’ expectations
  • Stakeholders’ perception research
  • Stakeholders’ panel discussions
  • Dialogue with stakeholders
  • Reporting to stakeholders
  • Education in management of stakeholders

We promote the culture of dialogue

We carried out the second in Poland process of dialogue with stakeholders in 2010 together with Provident Poland. Next, in 2011 and 2012, we carried out the Akademia Dialogu and AA1000 projects in Poland that introduced a series of AA1000 standards to the Polish market and promoted the culture of dialogue. As a result of them, two standards from the AA1000 series are available in English free of charge.


AA1000 Zasady Odpowiedzialności

AA1000 Zasady Odpowiedzialności (z jęz. ang. AccountAbility Principles Standard, w skrócie AA1000APS) zawiera trzy zasady przewodnie, które odnoszą się do całej serii standardów.
Zasady AA1000APS są przewodnimi zasadami w zarządzaniu interesariuszami.

AA1000 Weryfikacja

AA1000 Weryfikacja (z jęz. ang. AccountAbility Assurance Standard, w skrócie AA1000AS) jest standardem weryfikacji raportów niefinansowych.

Standardy AA1000. Narzędzie społecznej odpowiedzialności organizacji 2011

Krótki, skondensowany przewodnik po zaangażowaniu interesariuszy i korzystaniu z metodologii AA1000.


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