Sustainability Reporting Week 2015

How do we help?

We know the ins and outs of non-financial reporting. We carry out the entire process of reporting from the beginning to the end and/or we help our Clients at selected, crucial for them stages.

We will help you make best decisions about the scope of the report in accordance with international standards.

We support Clients at each stage of reporting, including employees’ education, data collection, and above all in strengthening the practice of reporting within the organisation so that the report serves its all organisational units and is a valued by them tool for communication.

  • We involve stakeholders in the process of reporting and take their perspective into account.
  • We support our Clients in selecting indices and in reporting them.
  • We involve employees and the managing staff in the process of reporting and selecting contents. (We explain step by step what is worth being presented in a report and in what form to employees delivering the data to the report.)
  • We develop the contents of a report or consult the contents pre-prepared by our Client.
  • We cooperate with a graphic designer and see to it that the report is readable, practical and attracts recipients’ attention.
  • We help develop and put communication plans of reports into practice.

We have above-average experience on the Polish market. We worked on the first CSR report as early as in 2009. We have participated in more than 50 reporting processes (state as at 30 June 2016).

The biggest companies, good brands and leaders on the Polish market. We have supported reporting, e.g., of such companies as: ArcelorMittal Poland, Apator, Bank Millennium, BGK, CEMEX Polska, DB Schenker, ING Bank Śląski, Grupa ENEA, PZU, PKN ORLEN, Kompania Piwowarska, Work Service, Grupa RWE and Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Rewarded reports. The CEMEX Polska report prepared in cooperation with us won the last competition and was appreciated, e.g., for the quality and detail of data..

Original training programs being developed for 8 years.

Standards: GRI (G3, G3.1, G4), <IR>, GC Communication on Progress.

Concentration on world-class standards

  • We have been dating cooperation with the Global Reporting Initiative since 2009 when we became a GRI partner as the first Polish organisation (OS status). We were then given the DATA Partner title.
  • The latest effect of our cooperation is making the Polish translation of GRI G4 available as a result of cooperation and involvement of Polish partners.
  • We deliver data to the GRI register and keep the Polish Register of Reports.
  • In addition to GRI, we support other organisations for standardisation. As far as reporting in 2013 is concerned, we consulted the integrated reporting standard for IIRC.

Cooperation with recognized Polish institutions in respect of promotion, research and improvement in reporting of companies

  • Coordination of the working group at the Team for Corporate Social Responsibility, preparing recommendations for the Minister of Finance in respect of Directive 2014/95/EU.
  • The publication entitled “Raportowanie niefinansowe. Poradnik dla raportujących” [„Non-financial reporting. A Guide to reporting individuals”]
  • Sustainability Reporting Week 2015
  • SEG Editorial Team working on the Non-Financial Information Standard


Raportowanie odpowiedzialnego biznesu 2013

Wyniki badanie przeprowadzonego wśród menedżerów na polskim rynku. Co pomaga w raportowaniu? Co je utrudnia?

5 lat raportowania odpowiedzialnego biznesu

Krótka infografika, która przedstawia trendy raportowania w Polsce.

Poradnik dla raportujących

Skondensowany poradnik raportowania prezentuje listę standardów raportowania przydatnych organizacjom oraz praktyczne wskazówki dotyczące procesu raportowania. Powstał w ramach pracy Grupy ds. monitorowania trendów CSR przy Zespole ds. społecznej odpowiedzialności przedsiębiorstw Ministra Gospodarki. Grupa kierowana była przez Lilianę Anam, CSRinfo.

Jak pomagamy raportującym?

Materiał informacyjny CSRinfo zawierający podstawowe informacje o nowej dyrektywie 2014/95/UE (28.06.2016).


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