CSR Standards

Ogłoszenie przyjęcia międzynarodowej normy ISO2600 w siedzibie Ministerstwa Gospodarki, 03.11.2010.


We are experts at implementing leading CSR standards, including GRI, ISO26000 and AA1000 series. We can integrate them with the processes existing in an organisation.

We can help you adapt the standards to the special nature of our region and your operations so that they are an actual support for activities, are maximally friendly and useful to managers and employees.

We implement models and tools that help our Clients make daily use   of the standards in a manner that increases the effectiveness of their activities and accuracy of made decisions.

We actively promote the use of the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard in practice, we participated in its development at an international level and its translation into Polish. We implement ISO 26000 with our Clients and we use ISO 26000 in processes of formulation of CSR and sustainable development strategic objectives.

We helped with the implementation of such standards as e.g. GRI G3, G3.1, G4, PN:ISO26000:2012, ISO9001:2015 within the scope of management of stakeholders, AA1000, UN Global Compact, SA8000, OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises. On a daily basis, we take into account a number of international guidelines in our work.


Jak zyskać na odpowiedzialności?

Wydana przez nas krótka publikacja dla CEO i executives pokazująca w przekrojowy sposób tematykę zarządzania CSR, w tym strategii. Przewodnik wyjaśnia również założenia normy ISO26000.


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