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„CSR Essentials” – seminarium realizowane wspólnie z Stowarzyszeniem Emitentów Giełdowych, 14.03.2012, GPW, Warszawa
„CSR Essentials” – seminarium realizowane wspólnie z Stowarzyszeniem Emitentów Giełdowych, 14.03.2012, GPW, Warszawa

Format of Education

We have been involved in CSR education since 2007. During that time, we have been developing competence and gaining experience in respect of different formats of education. See what our capabilities are.

What formats of training courses and education do we offer?

  • Training courses for specific groups of employees, e.g. management board, senior management, teams of designers, salesmen, dealers, etc.,
  • Training courses for custom-made topics,
  • Training courses that at the same time by workshops build plans, bring specific solutions,
  • All-day training courses,
  • Espresso training, i.e. short 2-3-hour condensed training courses,
  • Presentations at seminars and meetings,
  • E-learnings,
  • We create internal manuals and educational materials.

We furthermore invite you to join us on CSR Manager postgraduate studies about which you can read in the Projects section.

If you are faced with the following challenges:

  • How to involve employees of all levels in the implementation of corporate social responsibility?
  • How to raise employees’ awareness?
  • How to raise competence in respect of functions carried out in the company in respect of CSR?
  • How to involve the managing staff?

we will for sure be able to help you.


Our experience and the scale of it cause that we are number 1 in CSR training courses on the Polish market:

  • since 2007 we have been operating within the scope of CSR education
  • we have developed 11 original programs of open training courses,
  • we have trained more than 450 organisations (state as at the beginning of 2015),
  • we have carried out a number of custom-made training courses,
  • we started postgraduate studies,
  • we prepared first e-learning courses on the Polish market,
  • we have implemented educational paths with partners like e.g. education for listed companies together with the Association of Listed Companies,
  • we received a number of thanks both from rank-and-file employees, and the members of management boards, supervisory boards and from directors for inspiration, quick and efficient arrangement of meetings and for concrete contents.

If you are thinking about a training course, looking for support, call us or write to us. It costs nothing, and a conversation will surely help you make a decision.


  • Do you have any questions about the program?
  • Do you not know which training course to choose?
  • Do you want the training course to be in your company?
  • Do you want the training course to be carried out in your city?
  • Do you want register for the training course?


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