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About the training

  • Do you want to learn what corporate volunteering  is and whether or not it suits your company?
  • Are you thinking with what to start implementation of the corporate volunteering program in the company?
  • Do you want to put the corporate volunteering activities in order?
  • Do you need practical tools and hints?
  • Are you running the corporate volunteering program, but you do not know how to assess it?
  • Are you looking for good examples?

If your answer to two questions was “yes”, we invite you to join us for our training. Our original program will allow you to acquire new skills and a dose of knowledge:

  • You will learn in detail the process of designing a corporate volunteering program.
  • You will learn how to involve employees.
  • You will learn the requirements related to corporate volunteering in the company.
  • You will learn how to communicate corporate volunteering issues.
  • Only with us you will learn the methods of evaluation of corporate volunteering programs..
  • You will prepare a plan for your own company.
  • You will learn companies’ good practices in this area.

Moreover, we prepared bonuses for you in the form of:

  • CSRinfo Certificate,
  • A free of charge hour of individual consultation,
  • Publications on a competence corporate volunteering..


Our original program consists of two thematic blocks that will guide you step by step in designing a corporate volunteering program.

1. Corporate volunteering  – benefits

  • What is corporate volunteering?
  • What are the benefits of corporate volunteering?
  • Corporate volunteering versus CSR strategy and social involvement strategy?

2. Organisation of Corporate Volunteering in 5 Steps

  • How to plan and implement corporate volunteering in the company?
  • What are the types of corporate volunteering?
  • With whom to cooperate during the development of corporate volunteering in the company?
  • How to evaluate the corporate volunteeringprogram?
  • How to communicate the results of a corporate volunteering?
  • What to pay attention to in the course of introduction of corporate volunteering  in the company?

Our training methods:

  • combine presentations with workshop work,
  • demonstrate concrete examples from the Polish and foreign markets,
  • training courses are run by practitioners dealing with consulting in the area of corporate volunteering on a daily basis.


Cena uczestnictwa w specjalistycznym szkoleniu za jedną osobę wynosi 1499 PLN + VAT

Cena obejmuje:

  • Całodzienne szkolenie,
  • Materiały szkoleniowe,
  • Przerwy kawowe i lunch.

Ponadto przygotowaliśmy dla Ciebie bonusy w postaci:

  • Certyfikatu CSRinfo,
  • Bezpłatnej godziny konsultacji indywidualnej,
  • Publikacji dotyczącej wolontariatu kompetencyjnego.


“Relating the subject to Polish trends”.

*Source: post-training questionnaires.

“Acquiring practical knowledge useful in daily work”.

*Source: post-training questionnaires.

“A great link between the theory, and exercises!”.

*Source: post-training questionnaires.

“Competent chairwomen with great knowledge of CSR, communication and reporting”.

*Source: post-training questionnaires.

“In an interesting, accessible manner, with examples”.

*Source: post-training questionnaires.

Enrol for the training

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    Participant’s Details

    1. Sending the Registration Form is a legally binding obligation to participate in the training course on the terms and conditions specified therein. A VAT invoice will be issued based on it.
    2. We accept resignation from the training course sent in writing to the following e-mail address In the case of cancellation of the training course within a period shorter than 7 days, the fee is not reimbursed.
    3. The price of the training course is inclusive of: 1 training day, materials, coffee breaks and lunch.
    4. The price of the training course is exclusive of the costs of accommodation and the participant’s travel expenses.
    5. The organizer of the training reserves the right to change the date of the training course in the case of registration of an  insufficient number of participants to start the training.


    • Do you have any questions about the program?
    • Do you not know which training course to choose?
    • Do you want the training course to be in your company?
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