GRI G4 Roadshow

GRI Roadshow, Katowice, 30.07.2013

Where does the idea for the GRI G4 Roadshow come from?

In May 2013 GRI announced the fourth edition of the GRI G4 standard. Compared to the previous versions, the standard contained far-reaching changes that’s why we decided to implement a series of meetings to tell about them.

What did GRI G4 Roadshow consist in?

In 6 cities, CSRinfo together with business partners organised meetings concerning both reporting, and the standard. Participants were able to get to know main differences between G3 and G4. While the initiative’s partners shared their experience.

In addition, in Warsaw, we arranged one more meeting that served as a consultation meeting to the <IR> integrated reporting standard. We handed over collected feedback to the International Integrated Reporting Council.

6 cities

27 May 2013 Warsaw
24 June 2013 Gdańsk
27 June 2013 Poznań
01 July 2013 Warszawa
01 July 2013 Kraków
12 July 2013 Wrocław
30 July 2013 Katowice

225 participants 7 meetings 2 standards – GRI G4 and <IR> Framework



Zmiany w standardzie GRI G4

1-stronicowe podsumowanie najważniejszych zmian w standardzie.