Akademia Dialogu and AA1000 Standards

Konferencja "AA1000 - międzynarodowy standard społecznej odpowiedzialności biznesu w Polsce. Narzędzie zarządzania relacjami z interesariuszami", 16.06.2011, Warszawa

Where does the idea for the project concerning AA1000 standards come from?

In our opinion a low level of dialogue with stakeholders on the Polish market is a result of, e.g., low level of awareness of this practice, and also the lack of tools. We therefore wanted to make available a series of international standards supporting organisations in stakeholder management and in having dialogue with them. The initiative contributed to popularisation of standards and education of different groups of stakeholders in respect of dialogue.

As a result of cooperation with AccountAbility, an international organisation, the owner of standards, it was possible to introduce the Polish standards. Orange Polska was the initiative’s Strategic Partner. During that time the company carried out the process of dialogue on a large scale and was able to share its rich experiences with the meeting participants. It was is a highly valuable perspective for all participants of the initiative.

What did the project consist in?

In 2011 we translated two standards from the AA1000 series because the third one (AA1000SES) was being revised at that time. Furthermore, we organised four open seminars for more than 50 people and a conference for 80 people. The project was accompanied by the AA1000.pl dedicated website, competitions on FB as well as communication activities. This was the first project of this type on the Polish market. In 2012 we continued activities under the aegis of Akademia Dialogu [Academy of Dialogue]

What did Akademia Dialogu consist in?

Akademia Dialogu is a series of workshops in which different groups of local stakeholders participated. During a workshop they were able to get to know the methodology of dialogue, an example of its use in such a large organisation as Orange Polska, and then practise it during the meeting.

What was the most important thing in the project?

Showing that it is worth using the formula of dialogue proposed by the AA1000SES standard. It was important for us above all that the participants of Akademia Dialogu use learned knowledge later on. In a number of locations, our Akademia meeting was the first to attract both business, social organisations, and local government.

What did Akademia Dialogu look like?

The project was carried out in 2012 and consisted of six free Akademia Dialogu workshops in cooperation with local partners. It was the first project of this type on the market. Many companies and organisations have been using its results to this day.

Participants of Akademia Dialogu

97% of the participants are planning to use the method of dialogue with stakeholders within the next 2 years With 43% of the participants, their knowledge of corporate social responsibility increased. 40% of people stated that they acquired new skills in respect of dialogue with stakeholders. 70% of people stated that their knowledge of engaging stakeholders and conducting a dialogue with them increased.


Właściciel standardów

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AA1000 Weryfikacja

AA1000 Weryfikacja (z jęz. ang. AccountAbility Assurance Standard, w skrócie AA1000AS) jest standardem weryfikacji m.in. raportów niefinansowych.

AA1000 Zasady Odpowiedzialności

AA1000 Zasady Odpowiedzialności (z jęz. ang. AccountAbility Principles Standard, w skrócie AA1000APS) zawiera trzy zasady przewodnie, które odnoszą się do całej serii standardów.
Zasady AA1000APS są przewodnimi zasadami w zarządzaniu interesariuszami.

Standardy AA1000. Narzędzie społecznej odpowiedzialności organizacji 2011

Krótki, skondensowany przewodnik po zaangażowaniu interesariuszy i korzystaniu z metodologii AA1000. Pokazuje on główne zasady dialogu jak i przykłady firm.