Sustainability Reporting Week 2015 27.10.2015 Warszawa
Sustainability Reporting Week 2015 27.10.2015 Warszawa


We are one of the oldest companies dealing strictly with CSR on the Polish market. We have been implementing and shaping CSR in Poland since 2007. What does it mean for you? Knowledge, experience and competence proven in practice.

We are able to professionally conduct each implementation in CSR.

We have the most experienced consultants and coaches on the Polish market who combine unique competence in project implementation with coaching skills. We have developed implementation methods based on international standards.

For our Clients it means: guarantee of prompt implementation, effective solutions, professionally carried out project and communication of effects.

CSR Standards

For us, international standards are tools that help our Clients achieve aims at a high, international level. What distinguishes us? Not only do we use them…, but also we take part in their creation together with Clients, introduce them to the Polish market and promote.

Experts at implementing the most important CSR standards

ISO26000 AA1000 GRI International <IR> Framework
Udział w tworzeniu normy na poziomie międzynarodowym

w wprowadzaniu normy na polski rynek

Udział w tłumaczeniu polskiej normy

Pierwsze wdrożenia
w Polsce


Współpraca z właścicielem standardu AccountAbility

Wprowadzenie AA1000 na polski rynek

Tłumaczenie AA1000

Pierwsze wdrożenia

Doświadczenie w zakresie dialogu i paneli z interesariuszami powyżej średniej rynkowej

Ekspert w raportowaniu wg standardu GRI – ponadprzeciętne doświadczenie rynkowe

GRI Organizational Stakeholder

GRI Data Partner

Koordynacja tłumaczenia standardu GRI G4 w Polsce

GRI Roadshow w Polsce
Sustainability Reporting Week
w Polsce

Największe doświadczenia
w szkoleniach z raportowania
wg standardu GRI – od 2008

Konsultacja standardu


Wdrożenia na polskim rynku


Our Clients value the fact that we communicate in a simple and clear manner. Our materials are concise, and meetings condensed. Each project communicates a context of responsible business to all stakeholders. Why? We are interested in and fascinated by the subject in which we work. And we are able to transfer this passion and knowledge to the Clients and their employees.