Sustainability reporting week

Introducing the requirements on reporting non-financial data within the European Union caused an avalanche of questions from companies from all over Poland about the scope and principles of preparation of this type of reports. That’s why CSRinfo organised the first in Poland “Sustainability Reporting Week 2015” that responded to an increasing need for information about this form of reporting.



How did the week look like?

We arranged meetings in Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, and in Warsaw in October 2015 together with the Partners. Around the subject of good practices of non-financial reporting, the meetings attracted not only managers and specialists of companies, but also chartered auditors and representatives of social and scientific institutions.

In each of the five cities we explained the principles and goals of reporting social and environmental impacts. The Week’s Partners shared their practices and approach to management. The participants had an opportunity to get to know the process of reporting from the inside, discuss challenges and benefits related to this practice.

All conferences were free of charge for the participants. While those who wanted to deepen their knowledge were able to receive a specialist training course introducing reporting according to the GRI G4 international standard at an attractive price.

Can I see an account of the events?

If you want to see how the events looked like, watch a short video and photographs published in the Gallery and on our FB website.

Does CSRinfo carry out other projects connected with reporting?

Non-financial reporting has been an important topic since the beginning of our business activities, i.e. since 2007. In 2008 we started first training courses in this topic, and in 2009 we became a partner of Global Reporting Initiative, an organisation with which we have been cooperating to this day. On a daily basis, we provide training courses in reporting and advice our Clients on that issue. We also carry out a number of educational projects which you can find below. Register of Reports GRI Roadshow Non-financial reporting in Poland




Trendy raportowania 2015

Dwustronicowy skrót z prezentacji dotyczącej trendów raportowania niefinansowego, prezentowanej podczas Tygodnia.